Saturday, May 21, 2005

Finding Hor Por.

HorPor Cuisine, Segambut

It is a really long drive from home.
Driving through the many kampungs (villages) just to get there is quite a headache unless you already live in town (KL, this case).

The folks at HorPor Cuisine claim their food is what the Hakka people would put on their table. So we go to check it out (how tom yam fish made its way into the menu, I don't know).

The Hakka people are migratory tribes of ethnic Han people from central China. Centuries ago, their ancestors migrated late to the southern areas of China, and found that all the best land had been settled long before. The Hakkas were then forced to settle in the sparsely settled hill country. As a result, fresh produce was hard to come by, forcing the Hakkas to heavily utilise dried and preserved ingredients.

I'm half Hakka (mom's Hakka). And we've always enjoyed the typical Hakka dishes like Lui Cha, Sim Pun Chi, Soy Sauce Braised Pork Feet and Pig Trotters in Vinegar.

We order the Lui Cha, though one must acquire the taste for it.
Rice, chopped veges (fresh and preserved), nuts and grains swimming in a green tea broth. Crunchy, tasty and oh-so-wholesome.

My brother cringes at the sight of it, but it's the best Lui Cha I've ever tasted. They use Argentinean Green Tea (though the HorPor folks in China use Chinese Black Tea), anchovies, sesame seeds and groundnuts for that wonderful broth. The crunch comes from the nuts and preserved vegetables. The tofu bits and vegetables add different textures to the bite. Gosh, I could live on this.

We also have the the Sim Pun Chi, cute little starchy yam buttons stir-fried with mushrooms (I love that). The Honey Pork Ribs (yumz). And Chicken in Rice Wine (a tad too sweet).

Overall, good food at reasonable prices. Service is fast and friendly. It's worth the long drive... once in a long while.

Where is it?
Taman Sri Sinar, Jalan 6/38D, Segambut.
Turn left after the school on the main road, find a parking spot somewhere and it's at the older row of shops behind a new building of shops and apartments.


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