Friday, November 24, 2006

Food Foundry

So I haven't been posting here for some time cos:

a) I haven't been cooking or baking very much, thanks to lack of time, laziness and my wonky oven. It's fixed now, but makes a scary humming noise, like it could explode any moment. Looks like I'll have to skip the roast turkey this Christmas and stick to short baking projects. Maybe a cake or a pie.

b) I haven't been eating out anywhere new or anywhere spectacular. The best food I'd eaten in the past few months was in Hong Kong, which I blogged about at my other blog.

But last week, some friends and I went to Food Foundry to celebrate Box's birthday. It's my second time there, and apart from their Mille Crepe and Illy coffee, I don't find their food all that great.

Their pastas are so so. Average, if not below average. The local dishes are also average. As are their tapas. The Mille Crepe, however, WHOA, it's great stuff. I tried the original and green tea flavours the first time I was there. And they were both lovely, though I prefered the original version. The cream in between layers of crepe had just a hint vanilla. Yummy.

On my recent visit, I tried the strawberry version, which is now my favourite. They alternated the cream layers with strawberry jam layers. It's so yummy I can't describe it. So I'll just leave you with a picture.

The flavour I'm yet to try is the chocolate one.
Next time, for sure.

This place is quite a nice cosy place to hang out in on a cool night or late morning :) Oh, did I mention they make really good coffee?


Blogger Jason said...

You have yet to try out the Malacca's Nadeje's stawberry mille crepe then. ;)

No matter how, they are still the one copying people's idea.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Wandernut said...

Haven't tried la... but I really really want to. One day la, must make a makan trip down to Melaka.

Thing is, dunno my way around. Sure sesat.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Give me a call lah. So easy. :P

3:53 AM  

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