Friday, December 09, 2005

Simple joys

For me, it has to be buttered toast.

Plain white bread. Wholemeal. Multigrain. Rolls.
I simply love them toasted with a thin layer of butter.
Real butter for me, not margarine, thank you very much (I heard it's just a molecule away from plastic!)

If it's the traditional Hainanese bread (thick cut, soft and fluffy), it's wonderful with kaya as well (will post a picture of this soon).

Now, back to plain ol' buttered toast.
White toast brings out the lovely taste of butter.
But I personally prefer buttered wholemeal or multigrain toast.
I like the grainy bits (not to mention it's a healthier option) and the lovely golden smell. And if you pop it into the toaster again after you butter it, it comes out really nice and flaky too.

Actually, there's nothing quite like bread and butter in various forms. I can be quite content with just a meal of soup and fresh bread.

Or buttered toast, of course.


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