Monday, August 08, 2005

Volcano chase!

LY introduced Telawi Street Bistro's (TSB) Volcano to me a few months ago and it rocks.

Soft pudding-like cone-shaped cake on a plate.
Cut through it and hot fudgy chocolate lava spurts out.
Not quite enough to flood the plate, but just enough to soak the cake in rich, warm chocolate sauce.

They serve a scoop of vanilla ice cream and an orange butter cookie swirl with it. The combination of flavours (chocolate-vanilla-orange), textures (creamy-crunchy) and temperatures (hot-cold) in your mouth rate it high on the dessert Richter scale.

The serving is small (at around RM15 a pop) and just nice for one. And you can't help but to wish for more eruptions.

Then D hears there are other places serving Volcano-esque desserts. So we decide to try them all. A volcano chase!

We go to Uncle Chili's, and their volcano is huge.
A big chunk of chocolate cake with fudge lava in the middle, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

The chocolate cake is a little dry, and the volcano must be extinct cos there's hardly any lava. Tastes like cake and ice cream. Nothing special really. And at RM20 a pop, good thing it's enough for two. Or I'd erupt and spew rocks myself.

Next, we go to Mr Ho's Fine Foods at Bangsar Shopping Complex. It's upstairs in the food court (not the shop downstairs) and opens out to an al fresco dining area on a balcony (you can see the city skyline on a good night). Really nice.

But, their volcano looks about as exciting as a cold muffin.

The chocolate is baked in a mini ramekin / souffle dish. And looks alot like an under-cooked souffle. When you prick through the baked bit on top, you get the 'lava' at the bottom. Not much of it too.

If it's any consolation, the chocolate 'lava' tastes really good. Very rich, warm and earthy. It goes well with the scoop of vanilla ice cream (ah, how original) and a sliver or two of strawberry. At RM10 a pop, cannot complain lah.

In short, *drumroll* TSB has the best volcano.

Followed by Mr Ho's.
And as far as Chili's desserts go, stick to the Hi & Mighty Pie. Lots of vanilla ice cream with candy chocolate bits inside, on an Oreo cookie base, drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce.


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