Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tengkat Tung Shin (behind Jalan Alor)

This stretch has lots of wonderful foodie offerings.
From humble shacks to fancy bistros.
The only reason I don't come here often is its scarce parking space.

What's good?
Meng Kee is famous for its kick ass charsiew (BBQ pork) rice. They serve chicken as well but I wouldn't waste stomach space on poultry in this little shop. It is always packed, especialy at lunch on weekdays. If you order more than your fair share of charsiew, be prepared for nasty looks from the owner and other patrons alike. It is that precious.

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles offers really good dry beef noodles (wantan mee style) with a portion of tasty pork mince sauce (the dark slop you see in the picture) and a bowl of mixed beef (beef, beef balls, tripe or any of these on their own). They have the soup noodle version too, but the dry noodles are more flavourful. People say their standards have dropped over the years. I just think it's inconsistent. But the noodles make a good satisfying meal anyway. Plus point, it's open till very very late.

What else is here?
There's La Bodega (a bistro selling tapas and Spanish cuisine), some tourist-trappy looking joints like Sao Nam (a Vietnamese restaurant, good reviews from friends so far) and a few others. El Cerdo (LY's favourite place for desserts and porcine food), is further down the road. And during the day, the Adik Beradik Chua coffeeshop serves up really good noodles for lunch. Fish ball noodles, pork noodles and very nice siew yoke (roast pork) rice.

Nope. You won't go hungry here.


Blogger Lady V said...

Hey have you tried the Nyonya restaurant beside La Bodega?

It's really really good if you're into Peranakan food. Too bad not many people know about it though.

I always make it a point to go there for sambal petai and mango fish!


12:15 AM  

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