Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The perfect greasy non-kosher breakfast

OK, I know I'm a lousy foodie blogger, if I can even call myself one, when:

1) I don't bring my camera to take photos (batteries dead!)
2) I can't give you proper directions on how to get there
3) I can't remember everything on the menu, despite my annoying menu reading habit*

*At a new restaurant, I tend to flip through the menu over and over again while waiting for the food to arrive. I read the descriptions, as if trying to memorise them, knowing very well I won't remember much. But there's just something about reading menus (especially if there are pictures) that really make me happy, and I always like to keep a copy on the table. Sometimes you have to pry it out of my hands or there won't be much of a conversation. Heehee.

My criteria for the perfect breakfast would be:
1) Good coffee
2) Bacon, and I don't mean shrivelled up pathetic pieces. Or worse, *shock horrors*, beef bacon. Oh lard, forgive me...
3) Sausage / ham
4) Sauteed mushrooms, and only fresh mushrooms sauteed in butter/bacon fat
5) Eggs, sunny side up x 2
6) Baked beans
7) Toast & butter
8) Grilled tomato
9) Juice

Now, don't get me wrong..
Some places serve really good breakfasts with beef bacon *makes the sign of the pig*, but it just ain't the real deal without Elmer Fudd.

So this rules out the breakfast at La Bodega (about RM30 for the whole works). Very yummy. But kosher.

Out next, Pizza Uno. Cheaper than La Bodega (about RM16, if I remember correctly), but boy, do they stinge on the portions. I got barely a mouthful spoonful of mushrooms! And kosher, so nuh-uh.

Now, pork lovers...

Wendy's Bistro, Sunway Mentari
On the same row as the popular steamboat places, it's quite hard to miss. They serve a great breakfast, and you can choose between streaky or back bacon, and chicken or beef or pork sausage. How's that for choice? I remember the breakfast was rather good value for money (I can't remember the price now), and delicious too. I'll probably go there again one day and find out the prices for you. They've got a pretty extensive menu, so do check it out. Only thing freaky about it is, the front two pages sounded like some kinda self-motivational "I've-been-to-a-brainwashing-seminar" type of propaganda. Hee.

Fogel Meat Market, Plaza Damas
LY told me about this little eatery in Plaza Damas sometime ago, but I never got round to going until 2 weeks ago. Step right in and a variety of bacons, hams, steaks, chops and other carnivorous grub will greet you. They look very fresh. And the place smells very much like the nice clean butcheries in Australia. Of course, the smell of meat grilling added to the olfactory-memory triggering. Sigh... Aussie meat. Oh, by the way, this joint IS owned by an Aussie.

Good news. The food is OH-MY-GAWD fantastic.
Bad news. It's rather expensive.

That said, it was packed on a weekend brunch.
We were told to come back in 1/2 hour to get a table.

The big breakfast platter (RM35) has generous portions of everything. Enough to feed two.

VERY GOOD bacon (I prefer streaky, but their back bacon was anything but tough). 2 sausages (we chose lamb and pork), 2 grilled tomatoes, 2 small pieces of grilled beef steak, toast with butter, and a generous mountain of mushrooms. Wow. In one huge plate too.

Of course, now I'm not sure if they made a mistake.
You see, when the bill came, they charged me for TWO platters.
When I said I only ordered one, they happily deducted one platter from the bill. But I'm really wondering if there were 2 portions of the "big breakfast platter" on that giant plate we shared (the tables for two were small, so it made sense to have one giant plate vs two big plates).

Will go again and order it to see if one serving gets me all I mentioned above. Cos if that's the case, RM35 for all that is freaking AMAZING! But oh, drinks were not part of the deal. Juices were RM6 each but freshly squeezed and yummy. Coffee was about that price as well me thinks.

They have a really nice meaty menu. From steaks to chops to Aussie pies to kebabs to sandwiches to burgers. Very nice lor! Where is it? It's on the same road as Yogazone. Say, Yogazone is on your left. Walk down the street and you'll see Fogel on your right.


Heard there's another porky-friendly breakfast place called Jarrod n Rawlings in Damansara Heights. Maybe I'll check that out soon. And probably revisit Wendy's and Fogel's soon. If only just to eat and take some pictures.

Oinkers, unite!


Blogger Jason said...

Kind of slow with updates? Busy with work? ;) Take care, alright?

2:55 AM  
Blogger Wandernut said...

Jason: Hello! I've been travelling... and then working like a dog in between. :D Will try to update more often. Thinking of starting on a foodie project soon. :D

4:05 PM  
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