Thursday, June 07, 2007

Starbuck's Italian Roast

I was there after lunch today, looking for a new pack of coffee for my coffee press. I'm such a sucker for packaging, cos when I saw the cute Vespa on the Italian Roast, I just had to get it. That, and also because Starbucks in Malaysia don't carry their whole range of beans anyway. It was a choice between Italian Roast, Espresso Roast, Guatemala, Sumatra and their Limited Edition Tanzania and Arabian Mocha Sanani.

My coffee cost RM28 for 250g, which would probably last me about 2 months (at one cup per working day). The friendly store manager ground half the beans for me (so they stay fresher longer) and gave me a coffee passport! It's a cute little booklet featuring all their coffees. When you buy a pack of coffee beans, you get a nice sticker of your chosen coffee (for Italian Roast, see above), which you stick in the page featuring it.

Buy 4 different packs of coffee from different parts of the world, and you get a 5th pack of your choice, FREE! How's that for a good deal?

So back to the Italian Roast (according to the coffee passport) :
processing method

complementary flavours
chocolate, caramel, spices
extra bold
key term
similar coffee
french roast
Made my first cup as soon as I got back to the office. It was goooood, with a slight 70% dark chocolate-ish flavour. It's a little smokey with no hint of bitterness at all, even without sugar added.

This coffee is categorised as a Dark Roast Blend (grouped with Multi-Region coffee). Now I just need to get a pack from Latin America, Africa/Arabia, and Asia/Pacific and a free pack of coffee will be mine! Muahahaha! By then I should have an idea which is my favourite! :)

Apparently it's perfect to go with chocolate or a sweet pastry. Yuh-ummm!



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I don't like coffee. I like tea. :D

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