Friday, June 29, 2007

A Penang Feast (and a bite of Ipoh)

Swatow Lane's New World Cafe
It's a food court-like place with ample carpark. D & I spent so much time driving around Georgetown in circles that when I missed the turning into the carpark, I couldn't be arsed to go another round on the one-way streets and risk getting lost again. So I parked next to the coffeeshop opposite (the 'old' New World coffeeshop). And got a parking ticket. EEESSSH! Nasib baik the food was good.

Otak-otak and Pasembor (with lots of sotong and that lovely sauce!)

Or Kuih (Yam Cake) and Mee Rebus (the sauce is almost like concentrated prawn mee soup, so gorgeous)

Penang Fruit Rojak and Or Chien (Oyster Omelette)

The aftermath. Followed by Ice Kacang at the 'old' New World coffeeshop opposite.

Dinner with Geekchic at Wong Kok, Queensbay Mall.

Thank you Geek!

Egg Tarts and Char Siew Soh

Pork Chop Noodles, Beef Brisket Rice, SzeChuan Noodles

Pulau Tikus Sin Hup Aun Coffeeshop and Kwai Lock Coffeeshop.
Don't ask why we went to two coffeeshops on Sunday morning alone. Hehehe. It took us one and a half hours, including our time going round and round Georgetown again, feeling very lost. If there's anything I learned on this trip, it's don't drive around Penang without a good map or a Penangite.

We were so hungry D & I ate enough to feed 5 people. And then we tapaued some food back to Geek's apartment, where there were asam laksa, popiah and chicken wings waiting for us. Wooohooo!

Sin Hup Aun *sigh*. Curry laksa.

Mushroom Wantan Mee. Penang Chee Cheong Fun.

Char koay teow. With DUCK EGG. Generous prawns and lapcheong! So fragrant! ARRRGGHHHH!

Ban Chang Kueh from the famous uncle's stall and
apong from Kwai Lock coffeeshop behind Sin Hup Aun.

Roti Babi from Kwai Lock coffeeshop and asam laksa from a stall near Geek's apartment in Sg.Ara. Yummylicious!

Ipoh Wah Nam Coffee Shop
and Funny Mountain Soya Bean
We came here on our way back from Penang. The coffeeshop proper was closed so we had to go to the 'kopitiam' branch of theirs. The hor fun was so-so, but the dry curry noodles WAS THE BOMB! Downed with iced white coffee (not the 3-in-1 shit) and some roti bakar. On the way up to Penang, we stopped by in Ipoh as well, and Mr.Geekchic took us to Macy's coffeeshop near Jusco for hor fun and white coffee. Oh, the hor fun was good! And the best white coffee I've had so far. Slurrrpp... WHITE COFFEEE... slurp.

Dry curry noodles with lots of SEE HUM. Funny Mountain Drive-Thru Soya Bean Drinks /Taufufah.

He also took us to the drive thru soya bean place near the chicken and taugeh shops. They were out of taufafah but apparently it's really smooth here. So we settled for a soya bean drink before we set off for KL again. So happen there was a news article about them the next day in the Star. Click here. And read about them on this blog.

Although I ran in the Penang Bridge Run and have been exercising quite abit prior to this trip, I put on 1.5kg . This is ridiculous. I mean, how can this possibly happen? :P



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